Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance is defined as repairs conducted when equipment has already broken down, problems have already arisen and complaints are already making their way across your desk.

We know the frustrations of dealing with angry tenants and clients who feel their issue not only needs to be addressed immediately, but also that it should not have happened in the first place.

In our 15 years of experience with building maintenance there is only one way we have ever found to make your tenants and client happy again.  That is to fix the issue quicker than they thought possible.  See how quickly your contacts turn from aggrieved and upset to grateful and appreciative when you advise them that the issue has been resolved and they didn’t have to wait till tomorrow or next week.

Let us know how we can help you by filling in the form below or calling us on (02) 9624 3555. Once we receive your details we will contact you immediately to get a qualified operator on your premises in a flash.

Proactive Contracting has designed our reactive maintenance programs to deliver the results you need in a flash.  Our entire business is setup so that we can have qualified employees (not subcontractors) on your premises with lightning speed.

Our integrated cloud based systems means that every single operator is connected to our central network and we are able to dispatch the most suitable person in your area without delay. Our system also allows us to track each step of the process through to completion so that your job is completed as quickly as possible.

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